Mark Whitehead 26 July 2017

London to become 'leading 24-hour global city’, mayor says

London to become 'leading 24-hour global city’, mayor says

London is set to become a 'leading 24-hour global city' under plans unveiled by mayor Sadiq Khan.

They will make the UK capital 'a trailblazing city at night' competing with Berlin, Tokyo and New York, he said.

A 44-page report titled From good night to great night, a vision for London as a 24-hour city, says it will promote 'all forms of culture and leisure - not just pubs and clubs, but a wide range of activities for people of all ages and interests' and attracting investment and tourism.

The project will be led by London's 'night czar', performer Amy Lamé, and a 'night time commission' chaired by Philip Kolvin QC which will include planners, licensing experts, venue owners, artists, the police, media entrepreneurs and leaders of cultural organisations.

Mr Khan said: 'I’ve pledged to make growing London’s culture a core priority, and our city’s thriving night-time economy is a key part of this.

'Building a vibrant 24-hour city is crucial for London to remain a cultural and economic powerhouse - it is also what keeps visitors, workers, students and businesses flocking to our great city.

'We have stiff competition from other world cities like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo and New York and I want to make sure London is on the front foot by planning for life at night in the same way the city does for the day.'

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