William Eichler 20 September 2017

Liverpool chief exec suspended over fraud allegations

Liverpool chief exec suspended over fraud allegations

Liverpool CC’s chief executive Ged Fitzgerald has been suspended while police investigate alleged financial irregularities during his time at Lancashire council.

A spokesperson for the city council has confirmed that after ‘deliberating carefully’ the Appointments and Disciplinary Panel decided to suspend Mr Fitzgerald while the investigation was ongoing.

Mr Fitzgerald voluntarily stepped aside last May after he was arrested and bailed as part of an investigation into alleged financial irregularities in the tendering of contracts to BT while he was with Lancashire County Council.

‘After deliberating carefully, the Panel took the decision to suspend him,’ said a Liverpool CC spokesperson.

‘We must stress this is a neutral act to allow an independent investigation into issues, including potential reputational impacts on the city council at the current time, to proceed.

‘It is important for the city council, the Panel and the chief executive that the investigator is able to make an objective assessment and therefore we are not able to make any further comment at this stage.’

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