Sam Clayden 25 August 2016

Holyrood to push ahead with named person plans

Holyrood to push ahead with named person plans

The controversial named person policy in Scotland will go ahead despite being delayed by a UK Supreme Court ruling, deputy first minister John Swinney has confirmed.

The scheme will see a named person, such as a teacher or health visitor, appointed to every child to ensure their wellbeing. However, critics have said the plan is intrusive, incomprehensible and illegal.

Senior judges have now found the scheme would breach rights to family and a private life under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

However, Mr Swinney said: ‘The court’s ruling made clear the Scottish Government needs to amend the information-sharing provisions in the 2014 Act and provide greater clarity about the basis on which information will be shared to ensure compliance with the ECHR.

‘We remain firmly committed to implementing as soon as practicable.

'There will be a named person service, its availability guaranteed by law to those who want to use it.

‘A commencement date for the policy will be bought forward as part of the parliamentary process.’

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