William Eichler 20 March 2017

Heritage body announces £6m investment in historic sites

Heritage body announces £6m investment in historic sites

A multi-million pound investment in English heritage sites will support councils in reviving local economies, public body says.

Historic England, the public body that champions and protects England's historic places, announced today £6m will be made available to ‘unlock untapped potential’ in areas rich in heritage.

The money will help local authorities bring historic places back to life in order to attract tourists and investors.

The first ten areas – or Heritage Action Zones – were announced today. They include Coventry, Nottingham and Sunderland, among others.

‘Our heritage and historic buildings are beautiful assets that make our towns and cities unique,’ said heritage minister Tracey Crouch.

‘They tell the story of a town’s past and should be protected and cherished, and this scheme will bring communities together to appreciate their local heritage.

‘Making the most out of our listed buildings will help attract more tourists, reinvigorate local areas, and grow local economies, meaning residents and businesses across the country will benefit.’

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