Laura Sharman 17 May 2018

Funding awarded to deliver six innovative library projects

Funding awarded to deliver six innovative library projects

Recycled robots and ‘libraries at night’ are just some of the projects chosen to receive funding from the Library Lab initiative.

The Carnegie UK Trust have selected six library staff members to receive funding of up to £15,000 to deliver innovative new projects.

Library staff in Oldham, West Lothian, Powys, Redbridge, Bexley and Wakefield have been chosen to receive the third round of funding.

Martyn Evans, chief executive of Carnegie UK Trust, said: ‘Libraries are at the heart of our communities and are vital sources for learning and information. It’s so important to make sure we are investing in library staff and their projects, supporting innovation and leadership to help build a positive future for our public libraries.’

The projects include recycled robots, coding for children, a cultural programme when the library is normally closed, STEM activity workshops, themed reading hampers and fundraising.

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