James Evison 10 January 2017

Extremism funding a concern for Casey

Extremism funding a concern for Casey

Extremism tsar Dame Louise Casey has admitted she is concerned about funding levels in key areas but believes the ‘money isn’t going to come back’.

Appearing in front of the Communities and Local Government Committee yesterday, Dame Louise highlighted the worth of schemes such as the Department for Communities and Local Government’s women’s empowerment fund, where there were 400 applications for funding that were ‘precisely there to reach into those kind of communities’ in need but was only able to give 14 applications funding.

However, she stressed it was ‘not just an issue of resources’ but how ‘public sector leaders run these organisations’.

Ms Casey also said that ‘good, decent’ chief executives talked about how organisations often ‘came together’ around issues from the far-right, like the English Defence League, and she wanted them to do the same for Islamist extremism.

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