Mark Whitehead 17 September 2015

Concord airfield to become air museum

Concord airfield to become air museum

The Mayor of Bristol has been asked back a £16m project for a new aviation museum on the site made famous by its connection with Concord.


City councillors voted overwhelmingly to support the idea that the authority should contribute to the scheme at the former Filton airfield.

Mayor George Ferguson said he backed the idea in principle but would have to consider how much to donate to the project.

South Gloucestershire Council has already pledged £1.1m with a further £2m promised from the Government.

Concord was largely designed and built at Filton where it landed for the last time after its final flight in November 2003.

The meeting of Bristol City Council was told the authority was confident the proposed Bristol Aerospace Centre would become a major educational and tourist attraction and would also help ‘to preserve our cultural and industrial heritage’.

Cllr Peter Abraham said the museum would be an investment, adding: ‘Our history goes back over 100 years and it's a wonderful story to tell.’

The centre would include a museum and learning facilities to ‘recognise and celebrate’ the city's contribution to the UK's military effort.

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