Laura Sharman 12 March 2015

Clegg faces call to scrap bedroom tax

Clegg faces call to scrap bedroom tax

Bedroom tax for existing social housing tenants should be scrapped, according to calls from grassroots Liberal Democrats.

In a letter to The Independent, 90 Lib Dem general election candidates and activists have urged Nick Clegg to end the spare room subsidy. As well as scrapping the policy for those in social housing already, the activists are also calling for tenants to be exempt if there is no smaller property available in their area.

The letter, organised by Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem candidate in Guildford, said: ‘We are also pleased to support revoking the under occupancy charge, so it will only apply to new tenancies going forward.’

Some of the activists are also calling for more tax rises and fewer spending cuts, and for disabled people to be excluded from the 1% cap on working age benefit rises.

A recent report found families hit by the bedroom tax would have to foot a further £3,800 bill if the policy is continued over the next Parliament.

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