Jamie Hailstone 02 October 2012

Camden plans empty homes tax hike

Camden LBC has revealed plans to increase council tax bills for empty second homes.

The London borough is looking at using new powers proposed under the Local Government Finance Act, once is becomes law, to charge 150% council tax for second homes, which are empty for more than two years.

There are 103,600 residential properties in Camden and the local authority estimate that one in 16 is not lived in on a permanent basis.

The council's cabinet is expected to discuss the plans in December.

‘Camden has a severe shortage of housing, yet every year thousands of properties are left vacant by private landlords and those privileged enough to own more than one home,’ said cabinet member for finance and resources, Cllr Theo Blackwell.

‘We will use our new powers to make sure that owners of empty properties are encouraged to make them available to the housing market more quickly and to tax those who leave them empty.

‘We look forward to the prospect of new powers to end what is effectively a tax subsidy for wealthy property owners,’ added Cllr Blackwell.

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