Charity links soaring foodbank use to welfare reform

Charity links soaring foodbank use to welfare reform

More people are seeking help from foodbanks than ever before, with over 900,000 individuals receiving emergency support in the last year.

Durham shuts down remaining care homes

Councillors have voted to close the remaining five council-run care homes in County Durham, claiming the town hall can no longer afford to run them.

Durham shuts down remaining care homes


Learning the lessons about local schools

How can councils better support small schools?

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Tees Valley Unlimited

Tees Valley Unlimited has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at highlighting the number of world class businesses based in the area.

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Kemper System

Liquid roofing and waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has helped enhance both bio-diversity and energy efficiency at Huddersfield University by working collaboratively with the roofing contractor and green roof specialist on a series of new build green and warm roofs.

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Highly effective in challenging conditions, Monsanto’s latest Glyphosate herbicide Roundup ProBio continues Monsanto’s proven record for effective long term control of a wide range of weeds in situations ranging from hard surface treatment to the protection of young trees, aquatic use and targeting of invasive species.