Councils taking more risks in public services finds report

Councils taking more risks in public services finds report

Budget cuts are forcing councils to take unforeseen risks in delivering public services, with some cutting their workforce to a 'hollow core', according to the findings of a new report.

Councils urged to adopt 'data-driven' solutions

New York can be a model for councils looking to drive ‘data-driven solutions’ locally, claims a Socitm briefing.

Councils urged to adopt 'data-driven' solutions


Fracking, climate change and public attitudes

Given the government’s move to speed up the planning process for fracking applications, Matthew Sheppard examines the impact on local authorities and how they will need to deal with public perceptions.



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Jet Cox

The selection of “Smoke and Heat Exhaust Vent Systems” or smoke vents offered by Jet Cox Limited extends to 13 sizes all of which are fully compliant with the latest CE EN 1 2102-2 Certification.

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Pegler Yorkshire

Leading manufacturer of plumbing and heating products Pegler Yorkshire supports a recent initiative by a leading healthcare specialist promoting the use of antimicrobial copper in healthcare establishments.

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Bowater Projects

Bowater Projects, a company of The VEKA UK Group has successfully overseen a significant Cheltenham door and window renovation project, totalling nearly 250 units.