Dorset councils consider tri-partnership

Dorset councils consider tri-partnership

Three councils in Dorset are considering joining forces under plans to save £6m by 2020.

Council leaders warn of transport ‘crisis’

Council leaders are calling for the removal of ringfencing for transport funding, with a new report outlining radical proposals to tackle England’s ‘transport crisis’.

Council leaders warn of transport ‘crisis’


Lessons in leadership

Anna Banbury sets out the NSPCC’s considered response to the independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

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Saint-Gobain Weber

The new Saint-Gobain Weber Façade Colour Simulator allows construction professionals and property owners to create a realistic impression of a building in a single colour, or in combinations of colours, in a matter of minutes.

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Could your authority benefit from the new Open 4 Funding?

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Food Matters Live

Major new food, health and nutrition event turns spotlight on UK’s poor diet