Panel calls for £5bn transformation fund

Panel calls for £5bn transformation fund

The best performing councils should be allowed to strike a ‘deal’ with government for greater flexibility, according to a panel tasked with looking at the future of public services.

Food bank to shut down in council spending protest

A Nottingham food bank is shutting down in protest against council spending, claiming plans could have seen it used to replace statutory services.

Food bank to shut down in council spending protest


In praise of Pickles

Council leaders should think carefully before popping the champagne corks once the current communities secretary, genuine localist Eric Pickles, is no longer there, writes Simon Parker.

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Aico is pleased to announce that its market leading Ei164RC mains powered heat alarm has been recommended by British manufacturer Plumis for use with its award winning Automist home fire safety system.

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Stokvis Energy Systems

The plant supplying domestic hot water within one of the main buildings on the University of Kingston campus in Surrey has been replaced with a pair of high performance Water Heaters from Stokvis Energy Systems.

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Safeguard Europe

Guaranteeing correct damp-proofing delivery each and every time, the new Dryrod damp-proofing rods from Safeguard Europe are claimed to be the fastest, cleanest, easiest and most effective rising damp treatment on the market.