Laura Sharman 17 July 2013

Sunderland to merge two key services

Sunderland City Council is considering merging two services to form a new people directorate.

The council is looking to bring together children’s services with health, housing and adult services in a bid to improve partnership working.

Leader of the council, Paul Watson, said: ‘People don't fit into boxes - they live in families and communities. At the moment sometimes people can be treated separately, depending on their age - even if they're part of the same family, facing the same issues.

‘Bringing children's and adult's services together will help us to strengthen the help and support we provide focussing on services for whole families in their communities.

The new directorate will have an early intervention focus and will be headed up by Neil Revely, who is currently executive director for health, housing and adult services. The executive director of children’s services, Keith Moore, is retiring at the end of June.

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