Laura Sharman 20 November 2012

‘Poor perception’ key barrier to attracting new talent to public sector

Over 1.5m public sector job vacancies will need to be filled by 2017, but ‘poor perception’ is presenting a key barrier to attracting new recruits, according to new research.

Bridging the Gap: Developing a framework to attract new talent into the Public Sector - published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and - found that the public sector should start thinking more like a ‘brand’ in order to attract future talent.

Of those surveyed, 54% of public sector hiring managers said poor perception was the key barrier to recruiting new staff, with 70% saying a lack of new talent is hindering efficiency in the sector.

Public sector director of, Mike Booker, said: ‘The research shows that there is an appetite from UK jobseekers to work in the public sector. However, with cuts and the private sector yet again competing on key elements such as pay and pensions, public sector employers need to think differently when it comes to securing future talent.

‘We’re calling for public sector organisations to think more like a brand and become a destination employer of choice. To do this, they need to define a point of differentiation against other sectors. This means working more effectively and efficiently with other parts of their business.

‘This is not just with marketing teams but it is important that recruitment becomes a key priority for HR functions to ensure it isn’t just a short-term transaction; you’re selling someone their future and career.’

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