Simon Goacher

  • Aiding an unprotected species

    The pressures facing local authority statutory officers are now greater than ever. Simon Goacher argues that tinkering with protection rules in recent years has undermined these vital positions.

    Aiding an unprotected species
  • What to look out for in 2017

    As a turbulent 2016 draws to close what are the legal issues which loom on the 2017 horizon for local authorities?

    What to look out for in 2017
  • Where next for devolution?

    Will government demands for elected mayors in devolution deals survive in the post-Brexit shake-up and how will the agenda be shaped by the referendum result? Simon Goacher looks at the evidence.

    Where next for devolution?
  • Where next for devolution?

    Devolution is an idea whose time has come. But does anyone understand quite what that idea is? Simon Goacher investigates.

    Where next for devolution?
  • Free and fair elections?

    Following suggestions the availability of postal voting on demand leaves the electoral system open to fraud, what will this mean for the forthcoming local government elections?

    Free and fair elections?
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