William Eichler 20 March 2017

Whitehall announces £36m of funding to support vulnerable children

Whitehall announces £36m of funding to support vulnerable children

Projects supporting vulnerable children will be awarded £36m as part of the Government’s social care innovation programme for children.

The minister for vulnerable children and families Edward Timpson today announced the money would go to 11 projects that will help children who have been exposed to domestic abuse, young disabled people living in care, and care leavers.

The projects are part of the children’s social care innovation programme, which is backed by £200m of Whitehall funding.

‘Childhood should be a happy and safe time in all our lives. We must do all we can to make sure this is the reality for every child,’ Mr Timpson said.

‘By harnessing the passion and expertise of those who care for children, we can provide them with life-changing support.

‘By giving professionals the freedom to develop new and innovative ways of working, these fantastic projects will help make a real difference to children’s lives.’

One of the projects, run by Havering council, aims to improve services for young people going into, and leaving, care.

Havering plans to bring together teams of social workers, NHS staff, teachers and other professionals, to tackle domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health problems.

Cllr Robert Benham, cabinet member for children and learning at Havering council, welcomed the news of the extra funds and said it would have a ‘huge impact on the services we provide for young people’.

‘Through innovation, enhanced resources and working with the young people themselves, we will design a service that truly meets their needs,’ he said.

‘A large focus will be on keeping young people out of care in the first place, enabling them to stay with their families wherever possible, ensuring that those who do need care get it in a stable way, and those leaving care are given the very best life chances in education and employment.’

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