Laura Sharman 25 September 2012

Regional pay is ‘unfair’ finds TUC poll

Government plans for regional pay in the public sector is ‘unfair’ and should be scrapped, according to a poll published by trade union TUC.

The results show that seven in ten (71%) think the proposals to introduce local or regional pay are unfair, with almost two-thirds (65%) saying they should be dropped.

The respondents also felt the plans would have a negative impact on hospital patients, with just 6% saying that lower rates of pay for those working in different hospitals would be good for patients. More than half (56%) also said national pay agreements for teachers would be bad for pupils.

TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said: ‘The Government’s regional pay plans will not help create a single new job in the private sector, and can only do harm to already struggling local economies.

‘The most sensible thing ministers could do is drop these ill-thought out plans and concentrate instead on policies that will tackle unemployment and increase the UK’s chances of creating economic growth.”

Chief executive of Survation, Damian Lyons Lowe who conducted the research said: ‘Our polling shows a great deal of public unease at the government’s proposals on regional and local public sector pay. Supporters of all parties are concerned that it would be unfair and harmful to public services and regional economies.’

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