William Eichler 02 November 2016

New tax transparency App launched

New tax transparency App launched

A campaign group has launched a new free-to-download App which provides access to local council data on mobile devices.

YourTPA, created by TaxPayer’s Alliance (TPA), provides access to nine of the TPA’s research papers with information on individual local councils.

The aim is to ‘promote transparency across local government.’

Users of the App will be able to enter their postcodes and find out information on councillors allowances, council compensation claims, council tax history and a number of other areas.

‘Technology is playing an important role in making it easier for taxpayers to hold local politicians to account and promote transparency in local government,’ said TPA chief executive John O’Connell.

‘Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can now examine the performance of their own council, measure it against neighbouring authorities and decide for themselves if councils are delivering value for taxpayers' hard-earned money.??

‘The TPA believes that transparency and public scrutiny are crucial for cutting out government waste and this free app provides every user with the opportunity to take part in that process.’

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