Dan PetersHiba Mahamadi 03 November 2017

Labour Party suspends Slough leader

Labour Party suspends Slough leader

Slough BC’s leader has been suspended from the Labour Party, amid criticism over his choice of permanent chief executive.

Last week, The MJ revealed that the Party was closely monitoring the appointment of a permanent chief executive at the council.

The council leader, Sohail Munawar, has come under pressure for trying to select his favoured candidate, interim chief executive Roger Parkin, for the permanent role.

A spokeswoman for the Labour Party said: ‘Sohail Munawar has been suspended from the Party while an investigation takes place.’

The council confirmed the suspension and added that Cllr Munawar remains a councillor and leader unless he resigns or is removed by a resolution of the full council.

Cllr Munawar said that he will cooperate with the investigation and will step down if the allegations against him are upheld.

He said: ‘Obviously if the Party has received complaints they have to take action and I will be cooperating fully with any investigation.

‘After any investigation has been concluded, if the complaints are not upheld then I hope for an apology from the Party and action against the complainant.

‘But if the complaints are upheld I will do what any honourable person does and step down.

‘Until then, I intend to remain the leader of the council and push forward the council agenda on major regeneration projects, new homes for our residents, fantastic new leisure sites, helping our most vulnerable residents and working for the people of Slough.’

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