Laura Sharman 11 November 2013

Budget information - Autumn Statement 2013

What is the Autumn Statement?

The Autumn Statement is an update of the Government’s plans for the economy based on latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). The twice-yearly forecasts provide an update on the current state of public finances and what objectives the Government will focus on.

This year’s Autumn Statement took place 5 December 2013. Here is a round-up of what the statement included and how the local government sector responded to the announcement:

Local government safe from cuts, but Osborne expects council tax freeze

Autumn Statement shows local government is being heard, leaders say

Pickles: Councils given ‘good deal’ in Autumn Statement

Public sector job losses offset by businesses

Osborne fails to remove housing borrowing cap

Infrastructure ‘needs to be overhauled’

Government cuts green levies

Free school meals receive £1bn in new funding

Chancellor announces further relief for motorists

Think tank: Autumn Statement was curate's egg for cities

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